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    October 2021
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    Dirty little Funkers have just launched a new range of designer clothing and accessories. They are designed by and for clubbers. They use the tag line: “I’m a dirty little funker r u?”
    We have t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, ladies clothing, baseball caps as well as mugs, bags, stickers, clocks, pens, pencils and many other forms of merchandise.

    All clothing items are available to sell in the clubs on the night of the events. they are a sure winner with all the clubbers and are proving very popular right now.


    Official Ibiza Collection – 2019 get funked with the Dirty Little Funkers t shirts and vests.


    Girls Collection

    “Ibiza Loves Me” Crop Top

    “Too Hot To Handle” Crop Top

    NEW: Album & “Ibiza Loves Me” Dress

    “Ibiza Loves Me” Dress

    “I’m Paid To Pout” Dress

    “Too Hot To Handle” Dress


    Boys Collection

    “Ibiza Convict” T-Shirt

    “Ibiza Loves Me” T-Shirt

    “Sex, Drugs And Dirty Little Funkers” T-Shirt

    “The Boat That Rocked” T-Shirt

    “Fr -eed In Ibiza” T-Shirt

    “Too Hot To Handle” Vest

    NEW: Album & “Ibiza Loves Me” Vest