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    October 2021
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    Dirty Little Funkers is a dynamic, global club brand. It is a revitalizing concept on the club scene, bringing credible dance music to mainstream markets.

    Dirty Little Funkers has been rated amongst clubbers as the one of the best
    up-and-coming brands on the scene today, with line ups at the Radio One
    and Galaxy FM weekenders, plus residencies at BCM Mallorca Kanya,
    Ibiza, Nikki Beach Miami and for several years running.

    With a keen eye to detail, Dirty Little Funkers deliver a Saturday night
    hands in the air atmosphere for a professional edge.
    Clubbers are flocking to Dirty Little Funkers events as it brings back
    entertainment to the club scene once again.

    What can dirty little Funkers events do for your club?

      • • Dirty Little Funkers is creating unbeatable atmospheres


      • • A friendly, accessible music policy (club classix, funky/electro house,


      • ‘big room’ hands in the air club smashers)


      • • Provide state of the art club décor


      • • Attract an affluent, fun-loving clientele


      • • A mainstream sound with professional music management


      • • Bring your customers headlining international DJs with the unique


      • Dirty Little Funkers sound


      • • Share with you 18 years experience of working in the music industry


      • • Promote your venue on line with Dirty Little Funkers’ enormous


      • promotional database


      • Advertise on a variety of online media resources